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Our Story  

Changing the Landscape

SIIBR was created to provide a research community for scientists who want to lead their own laboratory but do not want or have an academic position. Our community is designed for independent researchers who want to remain in one place rather than work as a perpetual post-doctoral research scientist or resort to career change. Our scientists have opportunity to advance their research programs or technology platform on their own terms.

Our scientists study a wide range of topics, we support them by developing the tools needed to perform their research outside of the academic environment. More importantly, we are finding ways to make molecular biology tools easier for all scientists to obtain. 

"Big results require big ambitions"


What We Do

Science is hindered by constant grant writing, administration, and high impact publishing. We aim for science with high reproducibility, understanding, and implementation rather that trophy publications.

Our team members are interested in the basic science behind rare and complex disease.  Often the goal is to develop easy-to-use methods to identify, interrogate, and/or diagnose challenging genomic regions.  Of particular interest are complex disorders that are not easy to diagnose including neurodegenerative diseases, developmental disorders, and muscular dystrophies. 


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